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Illustrator 07 – Applying Gradients and Patterns

Gradients are a fantastic way to add depth and dimension to your designs. Illustrator allows you to apply linear and radial gradients to shapes and objects. Let’s learn how to use gradients:

Applying a Linear Gradient

Create a shape using any shape tool (e.g., Rectangle, Ellipse) or select an existing object.

Open the Gradient panel by going to “Window” > “Gradient” or press “Ctrl + F9” (Windows) or “Cmd + F9” (Mac).

By default, the Fill color will be set to “Solid.” To apply a gradient, click on the gradient slider in the Gradient panel.

To add a color point to the gradient slider, click below the slider. You can add multiple color points to create a multi-color gradient.

Adjust the color of each color point by double-clicking on it, or use the Color panel to choose a new color.

To adjust the position of a color point, click and drag it along the slider.

To change the angle or direction of the gradient, use the Gradient Tool (shortcut: G) to click and drag within the shape.

Applying a Radial Gradient

Follow the same steps as above to create or select a shape and open the Gradient panel.

Click on the “Radial Gradient” button at the top of the Gradient panel.

The center of the shape will be the starting point of the gradient, and the outer edge will be the endpoint.

Add color points to the gradient slider and adjust their colors and positions as desired.

Use the Gradient Tool to click and drag from the center outward to adjust the size and position of the gradient.

Applying and Creating Seamless Patterns

Patterns can add visual interest and texture to your designs. Illustrator allows you to apply existing patterns or create your own seamless patterns. Here’s how to do it:

Applying an Existing Pattern

Open or create a shape that you want to fill with a pattern.

Go to “Window” > “Swatches” to open the Swatches panel.

Click on the “Patterns” button at the bottom of the Swatches panel to access the pattern swatches.

Choose a pattern swatch from the library by clicking on it. The selected shape will be filled with the pattern.

Creating a Seamless Pattern

Design or draw the artwork you want to use as a pattern. It should be a square or rectangular shape.

Select the artwork and go to “Object” > “Pattern” > “Make” or use the “Object” > “Pattern” > “Make Pattern” option.

The Pattern Options panel will appear. Adjust the settings like Tile Type (Grid, Brick by Row, etc.), Width, Height, and any other options.

Click “Done” to create the seamless pattern.

The pattern will be added to the Swatches panel, and you can now fill any shape with the seamless pattern.


By applying gradients and patterns in Adobe Illustrator, you can bring depth and texture to your designs, making them more visually engaging. Experiment with different color combinations and pattern designs to create unique and captivating artwork.



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