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Illustrator 09 – Working with Text

Illustrator offers powerful text tools and features that allow you to create and format text, apply text effects, and work with text on a path. Let’s explore these aspects of working with text in Illustrator:

Creating and Formatting Text

To add text to your artwork, select the Type Tool (shortcut: T) from the Tools panel.

Click and drag on the canvas to create a text box. Alternatively, click once on the canvas to create a point text box, which automatically adjusts its width based on the text content.

Start typing your text. You can also paste text from an external source.

To change the font, font size, and other text attributes, use the options in the Character panel (Window > Type > Character).

To resize the text box, click and drag any of its handles.

Applying Text Effects:

To apply text effects, select the text, and then go to the Appearance panel (Window > Appearance).

Use the options in the Appearance panel to add effects such as fills, strokes, shadows, and more to the selected text.

You can also apply multiple effects to the same text by clicking on the “Add New Effect” button in the Appearance panel.

Working with Text on a Path

To create text on a path, draw a path using the Pen Tool or any other shape tool.

Select the Type Tool and move the cursor over the path until the cursor changes to a wavy line.

Click on the path to start typing text along the path. The text will flow along the shape of the path.

To adjust the position of the text on the path, use the Type on a Path Options panel, which appears when the text is selected.

You can also use the Direct Selection Tool (shortcut: A) to click and drag the text along the path or adjust the position of individual characters.

Text Formatting Tips

To align text within the text box or along a path, use the alignment options in the Control Bar at the top of the workspace.

To create bulleted or numbered lists, select the text and use the Bulleted List or Numbered List options in the Character panel.

To convert text to outlines (vector shapes), select the text, and go to “Type” > “Create Outlines.” This is useful for creating custom lettering or applying complex effects.

To wrap text inside a shape or along a closed path, use the “Type” > “Area Type Options” or “Type” > “Type on a Path” options.

Remember to experiment with various fonts, effects, and text formatting options in Illustrator to create visually appealing and impactful typography for your designs. Illustrator’s text tools provide a lot of flexibility and creative possibilities for incorporating text into your artwork.



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