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Photoshop 06 – Adding Text to Images

Adding Text to Images

  • Select the “Horizontal Type Tool” from the toolbar (shortcut: T).
  • Click on the image where you want to add text. A blinking text cursor will appear.
  • Start typing your text. It will appear on a new text layer in the Layers panel.
  • Use the options in the Character and Paragraph panels to format the text. If these panels are not visible, go to Window > Character and Window > Paragraph to open them.

Text Formatting Options:

  • Font and Size: Select the font family and adjust the font size from the Character panel.
  • Text Color: Change the color of the text using the color picker or the Swatches panel.
  • Alignment: Use the alignment options in the Paragraph panel to align the text left, right, center, or justify.
  • Line Spacing: Adjust the vertical space between lines of text (leading) in the Character panel.
  • Character Spacing: Modify the space between individual characters (kerning/tracking) in the Character panel.

Creating Text Effects:

Stroke: To add a stroke (outline) around the text:

    • Select the text layer in the Layers panel.
    • Click on the “fx” icon at the bottom of the Layers panel and choose “Stroke.”
    • Adjust the stroke size, color, and position in the Layer Style dialog box.

Drop Shadow: To create a drop shadow effect for the text:

    • Select the text layer in the Layers panel.
    • Click on the “fx” icon and choose “Drop Shadow.”
    • Adjust the shadow settings, including distance, size, opacity, and angle.

Inner Shadow, Bevel & Emboss, etc.: Explore other layer effects to add more depth and creativity to your text.

Working with Text Layers:

Editing Text: Double-click on the text layer thumbnail in the Layers panel to edit the text content and formatting.

Moving and Resizing Text: Select the Move Tool (shortcut: V) and click-drag the text layer to move it. To resize the text, select the text layer and use the Free Transform tool (shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd + T).

Rasterizing Text: If you want to apply certain filters or transformations that require rasterized layers, right-click on the text layer and choose “Rasterize Type.”

Grouping Text Layers: Select multiple text layers by holding down the Ctrl/Cmd key and clicking on the layer thumbnails. Then, press Ctrl/Cmd + G to group them together.

Merging Text Layers: To combine multiple text layers into one, select them and right-click, then choose “Merge Layers.”

Saving and Exporting Your Work:

  • Save your Photoshop document as a .PSD file to preserve the text layers and other editable elements.
  • For web use or sharing, you can export the image with text layers as JPEG, PNG, or other appropriate formats.

Remember to keep a non-text version of your design as a backup, especially if you plan to apply further edits or changes later. Adding text in Photoshop opens up endless possibilities for typography-based designs and creative compositions!



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