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WordPress 05 – Using Elementor Widgets

Access the Elementor Editor

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to “Pages” → “Add New” or choose an existing page to edit.
  • Click the “Edit with Elementor” button.

Adding Widgets

  • On the left sidebar, under the “Widgets” tab, you’ll find a list of available elements (widgets).
  • To add a widget, simply drag and drop it onto the canvas.

Common Elementor Widgets

  • Text Editor: Add and format text content, headings, paragraphs, and lists.
  • Image: Insert images from your media library or external sources.
  • Button: Create attractive buttons with custom text and links.
  • Icon: Choose from a wide range of icons to enhance your design.
  • Video: Embed videos from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Divider: Add horizontal or vertical dividers to separate content.
  • Spacer: Insert empty spaces for layout and spacing purposes.
  • Testimonial: Display customer or user testimonials.
  • Counter: Showcase statistics or numbers in a stylish format.
  • Progress Bar: Display progress, such as skills or completion status.
  • Form: Add contact forms, subscription forms, etc.
  • Social Icons: Include links to your social media profiles.
  • Google Maps: Embed maps to show your location.
  • Accordion: Create collapsible content sections.
  • Tabs: Organize content into tabbed sections.

Customizing Widgets

  • After adding a widget, select it on the canvas to access its settings in the left sidebar.
  • Customize text, images, links, colors, spacing, and more.
  • Some widgets have unique settings based on their purpose (e.g., form fields, map location).

Drag-and-Drop Arrangement

  • To rearrange widgets on your page, simply click and hold the widget, then drag it to a new location.
  • You can place widgets within sections and columns, adjusting the layout as needed.

Editing Text Inline

  • For text elements, you can often edit the content directly on the canvas. Click on the text and start typing.

Adding More Widgets

Feel free to explore additional widgets available in the Elementor library to enhance your page’s functionality and visual appeal.



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