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WordPress 09 – Responsive Design with Elementor

Access the Elementor Editor

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to “Pages” → “Add New” or choose an existing page to edit.
  • Click the “Edit with Elementor” button.

Preview for Different Screen Sizes

  • Once you’ve designed your page, click the responsive preview icons at the bottom of the editor.
  • These icons represent different screen sizes: desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Click on each icon to see how your page looks on different devices.

Responsive Editing Options

  • While in responsive preview mode, you can make adjustments to the design specifically for each screen size.

Adjusting Element Settings

  • Select an element on the canvas, and then go to the left sidebar.
  • Under the “Advanced” tab, you can find options like “Responsive” and “Visibility”.
  • Use the “Responsive” option to set different styling for different screen sizes.
  • Use the “Visibility” option to show or hide elements on specific devices.

Column and Section Settings

  • Columns and sections can also have responsive settings.
  • Adjust column widths, spacing, and visibility for different screen sizes.

Stacking Order

  • For mobile responsiveness, consider adjusting the stacking order of elements.
  • In the “Advanced” tab of an element, you can find the “Z-Index” option to control stacking.

Font Size and Spacing

  • Use responsive settings to adjust font sizes and spacing for optimal readability on different devices.

Previewing and Testing

  • Continuously switch between preview modes to see how your changes affect different screen sizes.
  • Test interactions, buttons, and forms to ensure they work well on mobile devices.

Testing on Actual Devices

While previewing is helpful, testing your responsive design on actual devices is crucial. Use different devices to view and interact with your website.

Responsive design is essential to provide a seamless user experience across various devices. Elementor’s responsive editing options allow you to tailor your design for different screen sizes and ensure that your website looks and functions well on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.



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